Compassionate Farewells, Unforgettable Memories



Personalisation Services

The below list is not exhaustive, and is just some of the services we have provided for funerals. If there is something you feel would suit your needs better please do not hesitate to let us know.



Floral Coffin Spray

Our floral sprays are designed to have impact. Integrate your loved ones favourite flowers to enhance the funeral ceremony and place on their grave after burial.



Personalised Floral Wreaths

Our personalised floral wreaths can be made from fresh or artificial flowers. Our artificial wreaths can spell the name of your loved one to add a personal touch.



Personalised Mass Booklets

Our mass booklets can be personalised to your needs adding pictures of your loved one through key moments of their lives for mourners to take with them and cherish long after the funeral.



Ceremony Music

We have a listing of church vocalists who provide beautiful hymns and songs for all ceremony types. 



Horse and Carriage Removal 

Grá Funeral care can arrange for horses of any number and exquisite carriages to carry your loved one in style to their final resting place. This service is extremely popular and brings a sense of elegance to a loved ones final farewell. 



Church and Graveside Carpets

Our carpets come in a range of colours from the standard red to pink and blue. These add a touch of luxury to the send off of your loved one.



Graveside Photo Display

Our Photo Display stands allow you to display large portraits of your loved one throughout different moments in their life. It celebrates their laughter and the joy they brought to the world, sharing key moments with all mourners in attendance.



Dove Release

Our dove release provides a final goodbye and a comforting end to the burial ceremony. Doves symbolise love and life after death both elements of your loved ones new journey.



Balloon Release

Our balloon release provides a final and gentle goodbye that a number of mourners can take part in. Watch the balloons, which have been personalised to the favourite colours of your loved one gently float skyward.



Personalised T-shirts

T-shirts with the picture of your loved one, along with key dates from their lives. A memento for mourners and a symbol of your love for the life you shared.



Videography & Photography 

Capture all aspects of  your loved ones final farewell. Personalise the video with your loved ones favourite music and pictures of them through key moments in their life. Drown footage allows your family to see the procession of your loved one to the church and then to their final resting place.



Bagpipe Player 

Bagpipe players provide music on the final walk to the burial of your loved one. They walk in front of the hearse or Horse and Carriage and allow the music to flow back to the mourners who walk behind.



 Large Canvas Poster for Burial Walk

Personalise the Printed canvas poster with your loved ones Image, and pictures of them through key moments in their life, this is held by mourners at the front of the processional when walking to the place of burial.



Remembrance Jewellery

At Grá with work with a number of Jewellers who provide differing types of remembrance Jewellery. Our most popular choices are necklaces that can hold a lock of your loved ones hair and our fingerprint Jewellery which allows the wearer to have their loved ones fingerprint printed onto a piece of jewellery.